The Thornwillow Institute is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 committed to promoting and perpetuating craftsmanship in all its forms.



Our Story

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Founded in 1985, Thornwillow Press is one of the leading fine presses in the world.  In celebration of its thirtieth anniversary, the Thornwillow Institute was formed to teach and perpetuate the arts and crafts of the written word.



At our "Makers Village" in Newburgh, New York, we host and participate in events, bringing craft and culture to our community.

Fellowships & Partnerships

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The Thornwillow Institute is dedicated to passing down the arts and crafts of the written word which, increasingly, are endangered.  We do this through partnership with institutions and fellowships with individual artists, students, and makers.


“Ultimately, what we do is a very simple thing.  It's black ink on white paper, and from that very simple combination, one can open up visions of the universe."